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Cycling Is a Lot like Mediation.

August 18, 2016

After a heart attack almost five months ago (I’m fine now by the way), I bought a bicycle for exercise. I ride it regularly as I did today.

On today’s ride, it occurred to me that cycling is a lot like mediation.

To keep one’s balance, one must continue to look ahead, move forward (but not carelessly), and not look back too often (except to see if someone is about to pass you by).

Be prepared too. I wear a helmet for protection. People bring competent counsel to mediation. Same thing.

In both instances, people can fall down. Get up again and continue riding … or mediating as the case may be.

You may not get to the end of the path if you stop too soon.

And there can be rewards for finishing well:

I have my health. You might have the settlement you need.


David I. Karp is a full time independent mediator of real estate and business disputes in Southern California. His website is at .


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  1. Carter-Mata, Theresa permalink

    I love this comparison and so glad you are well and on your way. Thanks for sharing, it’s quite inspiring for those of us who haven’t done it, I mean riding.

    Theresa Carter-Mata, Senior Deputy Clerk
    Mediation Program Coordinator
    300 South Spring Street | Second Floor | North Tower | Los Angeles, CA 90013 | | | 213-830-7232

    Committed to providing fair and equal access to justice for all Californians

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