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Are you a pirate?

July 20, 2015

Did I ever tell you my story about being a pirate?

Well, I’m not a pirate, I just don’t hear so well, although now I have hearing aids which help a lot to overcome these kinds of incidents.

But let me tell you my pirate story…

I had a call on my office phone one day from a volunteer with whom I was working in Scouting.

It sounded urgent, so I returned the call and spoke to his wife who answered.

I explained that I was returning a call that sounded urgent and was met with the question:

“Are you a pirate?”

“AM I A PIRATE?” I responded.



“Not pirate, pilot. My husband is a pilot and he’s just leaving for work,” she said.

“Oh, I said, I guess I didn’t hear that right. Have him call me when he returns.”

Later, I told this story to my cousin and best friend who has since passed away.

Often thereafter, when seeing one another he would greet me simply with “ARRRGH” and we’d both laugh hysterically.

I miss him terribly, but think of him often, especially when I tell this story.


David I. Karp is a full time independent mediator of real estate and business disputes in Southern California who now wears hearing aids that overcome these kinds of audio bloopers, mostly. Don’t worry, he also listens very carefully in mediation. His website is at .


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