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Making the Most of the Summer Slump

June 9, 2015

It’s no secret that business activity slumps in the summer months of June through August: school is out; families vacation.

In the mediation world, lawyers and litigants vacation as well (although usually not together).

As the pace of business slows down, which is expected, I too utilize my free time for family and travel and other things, which is excellent … and fun.

This year so far the plans include: Birmingham, Philadelphia, Kansas City, and Seattle.

Since I will be away from my desk sometimes over the summer, I’ve made these accommodations for others who are looking for my help in mediation (when they’re not on vacation):

My cell phone number, 818-515-9361, is now my business phone number, and people can reach me so long as I bring my phone with me (and remember to turn it on).

My calendar of available dates is on my website at which I update regularly.

Via e-mail people can provide me with the information I need for the mediation’s paperwork, and I can send it out via email, and the whole convening process can be seamless. (An information sheet for this purpose is available online on the above page of my website.  Also, here’s direct link to it: .)

Moreover, I have made my website “mobile friendly,” as I recognize that others may be accessing my website from their smart phones while they too are away from their desks and computers this summer.

For myself, I’m also taking time, while local, to do these things, which are always good ideas:

I’m doing more networking.

If I find a continuing education program I like, I will sign up for it.

I’m still volunteering.  Recently, I did the “Walk 4 Hearing” for the benefit of the Hearing Loss Association of America.

And I’m writing, as here, when the mood strikes me.

Finally, on some Tuesdays, I’ll be enjoying a picnic dinner and an outdoor concert at the Hollywood Bowl with the love of my life.   Maybe I’ll see you there!

Enjoy your summer.

Keep busy with the fun stuff… and be productive as well.


David I. Karp is a full time independent mediator of real estate and business disputes in Southern California. His business website is at

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