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Through the Window

August 27, 2014

Through the window the august sun rises brilliantly in the east.
The light awakens her and she rises from her soft slumber.
My eyes open slightly and I see her move about.
She stands with her exquisite back to me as she dresses.
I see the beauty of all of her as she begins her day.
There is a smile on my face now as I look at her.
It is the same gladness I have felt for 33 years,
The same adoration since before our marriage began.
Her luminosity draws me to her, she awakens my soul and more.
I rise warmly from repose and greet her.
We embrace in the transcendent radiance that surrounds us.
Through the window the eastern sun smiles at our union.


David I. Karp is a full time mediator of real estate and business disputes in Southern California and occasionally an amateur poet.  His business website is at .


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  1. Paul S permalink

    Happy Anniversary to you both indeed…how lucky you both are.

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