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All of the ingredients for resolution were present.

July 26, 2014

It seemed that all of the ingredients for resolution were present in a mediation this past week, including but not limited to:

∙ Parties who understood the consequences of not settling;
∙ A joint session which opened communication between the disputants;
∙ A sincere admission of an error and a face to face apology;
∙ An offer to remedy the situation;
∙ Emotions managed so as not to blur the rationality of settling;
∙ Offers and counteroffers genuinely designed to move the negotiation forward;
∙ An obvious willingness to compromise to make the deal happen;
∙ Good lawyers giving good counsel to their clients;
∙ Decision makers present with authority to sign a settlement agreement;
∙ A hand crafted written agreement fully signed.
∙ Handshakes all around.

Just another good day at the mediation table!


David I. Karp is a full time mediator of real estate and business disputes in Southern California. For further information, please consult his website at .


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