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Car-Free or Car-Lite: A little Environmental Consciousness Today

January 16, 2014

Given the subtitle of this Blog, “Mediation, Law and other Bubbe Meises,” I have given myself the freedom to write about disparate subjects, whatever comes to mind and inspires me at the moment.

The subjects include mediation, law, a Jewish perspective of social responsibility and ethics, public transportation advocacy, politics, history and other miscellaneous this-and-that.

Most often, but not always, I try to blend the subjects.

I will try a new blend today because of two unrelated events this week.

The first is this:  Today is Tu BiSh’vat, the Jewish “New Year of the Trees” which celebrates nature and the environment.

When looking online to remind myself of the holiday, I saw a page entitled “Tu BiSh’vat Social Justice Guide” at .

In my view, and according to the above page, social justice includes environmental consciousness.

The second is this:  Earlier this week, I had a conversation about public transportation with a Los Angeles attorney I know via my mediation practice, Rebecca G. Gundzik.

In our conversation, Rebecca introduced me to a pet project of hers called “Car Free SFV.”  See,

Car Free SFV is certainly environmental consciousness and so I made the mental connection with Tu BiSh’vat.

When I looked at the Car Free SFV Page today, I decided to do three things:

(a) I “liked” the page so I can keep up with its news,

(b) I decided that, for today, I will try not to use my car much, if at all, in honor of Tu BiSh’vat, and

(c) I will recommend via this post that others try a car-free or car-lite day and “take alternative forms of transportation (walk, bike or take the Metro) to the extent they are able.”) (Id.)

I may also take a walk later to enjoy our local urban forest and to wish the trees a “Happy New Year.”

David I. Karp is a full time mediator of real estate and business disputes, principally, who also enjoys trees, nature and not driving.  His website is at . He apologizes for any ads affixed to this post by; they are not his.


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