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2013 Letter re Donations in Lieu of Holiday Cards

November 23, 2013

November 2013

To My Friends, Family, Colleagues and Business Contacts:

In lieu of buying and mailing commercially available business and personal holiday cards, I like to make charitable donations at this time of year in honor of family, friends, colleagues, and business contacts.

I do this to express my gratitude to every one who has enriched my life, to extend my best wishes for the upcoming holiday season, and also to fulfill what I believe to be a social responsibility in any event.

I see these donations as a way to put humanity back into the season … and also as a way to voice my own personal objection to the din of holiday television and radio commercials and the wearying retail and commercial blather we will face through the end of the year.

Earlier this month I wrote a piece called “Taking Away Food from the Needy,” about the reduction in the food stamp program that was then in the news and so offensive to me.

Also, as we enjoy the feast of Thanksgiving next week (and, remarkably, Chanukah at the same time), I know that there are those in our communities who will do without.

Accordingly, in lieu of holiday cards, I have made this year’s donation in your honor to the SOVA Community Food and Resource Program here in Los Angeles.

As set forth on its website, ,  “SOVA is a nonsectarian program of Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles, dedicated to alleviating hunger and poverty in the community through food distribution and offering a wide range of supportive services….  SOVA is taken from the Hebrew word “savah” which means to eat or drink and be satisfied, or satiated.”

In making this donation, as I said last year, “I wish for peace, contentment, good health and well being for each of us and for all those in distress in our communities and around the world.”

I also wish for less hunger, and more compassion to relieve it.




David I. Karp is a full time mediator principally of real estate and business disputes.  His website is at . He apologizes for any ads affixed to this post by; they are not his.


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One Comment
  1. Pearl Georgen permalink

    I find it an honor to know you, David Karp.

    Pearl Georgen
    Professional Mediator

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