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Self Reflection on Helping Others and Being Grateful

November 7, 2013

I write this piece not to boast about two recent events but to understand myself better in light of them.

Upon receipt this week of a request for donations for a new school’s library, I had the opportunity, which I enjoyed, to go through our family library at home and to select some long-held treasured books we can donate next week so others can read them.

Also after becoming aware of an opportunity this week to help a colleague with his religious requirements, I went and participated in an afternoon service (called Mincha) so he could have a quorum (a Minyan) in which to say the mourners’ prayer (Kaddish) for his mother, A”H, who recently passed away.

Of course, I felt personally satisfied from both courses of action and grateful for the opportunities to do both.  And both of these I did to help others.  Yet in doing so, I think I also helped myself, to see myself more clearly, certainly but not only as a result of some of the self-reflection that took place thereafter.

In looking for more understanding, I went to the internet.

There I explored Mincha, the afternoon religious service, partly because I did feel refreshed from taking the time to participate.

Thus, I found a website called “Mincha Moment: Taking Time to be Grateful,” at  The essence of the site is that we should take a moment in the afternoon [the site recommends 2:30PM], every day, to reflect and to be grateful for it all.

I liked that, and it helped me to know that I am grateful for who I am and for the opportunities I am given to do what I can do.

From there I took a tangent and stumbled upon a much larger concept of gratitude – being grateful for life itself.

This concept I got from a web page about a prayer called Modeh Ani which thanks God for the gift of life.  See, .

So here I am, grateful every day for the gift of life and for the opportunity to help others every day that I can.

I think that is why I like mediation so much as a profession.

In mediation, I can help other people to find the relief, or the release, or the satisfaction from (or the acceptance of) the end of a dispute and the resolution of a conflict which has been consuming them, so they too can appreciate their lives going forward.

So that’s who I am … and I am grateful for who I am and what I can do.


David I. Karp is a full time mediator of real estate and business disputes in Southern California.  His website is at .  He apologizes for any ads affixed to this post by; they are not his.


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  1. Thanks David for the kind words. I am grateful:) that you liked our site Taking Time to Be Grateful and hope you’ll check out our FB page as well,

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