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Children make me feel the most alive

August 15, 2013

The moderator of a networking group to which I belong came up with this question for discussion purposes tomorrow: “What makes you feel the most alive?”

What a great question.  Since the time I saw the announcement the other day, I have been preoccupied with organizing my thoughts and formulating an answer for the meeting.

I’d have to say that what makes me feel most alive (aside from my wife whom I cherish) are children, my children, your children, small children of the neighborhood, children accomplishing something, GOOD children.

It starts with birth; a newborn infant joined our family recently and my daughter held her (this is her niece).  What a miracle for both.

Within the first years of a child’s life, I see the acquisition of language in small children as extraordinary.

In the preschool years, I see the innocence and play of small children as wondrous, as they discover the world around them.

When my son first learned to play trumpet and joined the school band, and since then, I have heard his joy, and mine, in his music.

When my daughter performed in school musicals, particularly but not only in A Chorus Line, I felt her immersion in theater as rapturous for me as it was for her.

When, later, I have been able to hike with my daughter and son, I have encountered the magnificence of nature as enjoyed by them and myself.

In their post graduate years, I have seen my children’s accomplishments and felt their pride and mine.

Although college graduations and family weddings always bring tears of joy to my eyes (yes, they really do, I’m so sentimental in this stage of my life), I really feel most alive – and shep nachas – when I see the goodness in life that children bring out in themselves and in others.


David I. Karp, a proud father, is a full time mediator of real estate and business disputes.  His website is at


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