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Happy Father’s Day to my Dad and all like him.

June 15, 2013

My father, may his name be for a blessing, was a quiet man, kind, gentle, amusing, family centered, not particularly successful in business, but mostly happy with his allotment in life.

He had strong values, did not compromise his principles, but was sensible in seeing what was achievable and what was not.

He loved his family which was the center of his world.

He succumbed to the end stages of Alzheimer’s not long ago, and sometimes it is still sad.

He left us with memories, many happy ones, some bittersweet.

My wife says he had a sweet disposition.  She is right.

He was not rich or famous but he was sweet and sincere.

He was not unusual or unique but he was a good man.

That’s the way I like to remember him.

To my Dad, and all like him, Happy Father’s Day.


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One Comment
  1. David, this is a lovely tribute to your father (and mine, who was similar to your dad in many respects). My only quibble is that I believe your father was, in fact, unique — that the very qualities you mention in your essay made him very special indeed.

    Wishing you a Happy Fathers’ Day in your own right and in honor of the memory of our beloved, departed dads as well.


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