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My Middle Initial is “I” and I am David I. Karp.

May 21, 2013

It was my mother, may she rest in peace, who insisted.   She said, “David Ira, always use your middle initial.”

Even though I argued with her about it, she was probably right.  (Please don’t tell her about this admission.)

If it weren’t for my initial, you might think that I am the David Karp who just sold Tumblr to Yahoo! for more than a billion dollars.

Not me, Mom.

Or David Karp the  excellent food writer for the Los Angeles Times.

Also not me, Mom.

No, I’m David I. Karp, just a happily married family man with a wonderful wife, two wonderful children and a terrific son in law.

I live modestly and sleep well at night, mostly.

I don’t have to worry about how to spend a billion dollars, or whether I have to write another piece or what about for the “Daily Dish” column in the newspaper.

And, yes, I am a mediator with a very satisfying career in dispute resolution and peacemaking.

And I like to write when I am inspired to do so…

… like today with the news is filled with the stories of David Karp, the new billionaire (I should live so long).

My middle initial is “I” because my middle name is Ira.

You probably figured that out from the first paragraph.

I was named for my mother’s grandfather, Isadore, may his name be for a blessing.

When I was little, or when she was mad at me, my mother called me “David Ira.”

“David Ira, pick up your toys.”

“David Ira, it’s time for bed.”

“David Ira, take out the trash.”

There is even a little silver napkin ring I inherited from my parents with “David Ira” on it.

To my chagrin, some family members still call me “David Ira” to this day.  (Please stop it.)

But more to the point, I was really always “David I. Karp.”

Name tags for summer camp, sewn into my sweater, told me so, even when I was barely five years old.

My Pinewood Derby trophy, still sitting on my shelf, awarded for Second Place in 1963, informed me, engraved to “David I. Karp.”

I was nine but I was already “David I. Karp,” the macher, according to my mother.

My mother thought it would be more impressive.

So did I, a little later.

I went to work as a young lawyer and had my shirts custom made.

I was asked, do I want my initials embroidered on the shirt and where?

I said yes and “DIK” was sewn into my left cuff.

I thought it was fancy.  I even amused myself with it.

I would say to people, “Look what’s on my sleeve.  Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, but look what I have on mine.”

“Thanks, Mom, for giving me those initials,” I would add.

I got over it, no more fancy embroidered sleeves.

But I’m still David I. Karp.

And I like my name.


David I. Karp is a full time mediator of real estate and business disputes in Southern California with a descriptive website at


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