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Congratulations and Applause for The Mediator Registry

April 21, 2013

I had a chance to meet Anthony Matthews the other day.  He is an impressive individual with one of those natural melodic British accents that many might like to have.

When I met Matthews, I offered my congratulations and applause for what he had done.

Matthews is the mediator/entrepreneur who created “The Mediator Registry,” a new(ish) listing service of local and international mediators now online at

Although there are many such online mediator directories, this one is unique:

It appears to be the first designed specifically to serve the Los Angeles litigation community recently abandoned by the Los Angeles Superior Court.

As disclosed on its own website at, the Los Angeles Superior Court is ending its own Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program of many years due to state imposed budget cuts.

The demise of the court’s ADR program hits hardest the litigants of small matters struggling for access to justice.

While other local organizations have been deciding how best to serve this community, Matthews got there first.

Via email to many of the mediators of the Superior Court’s ADR program, Matthews offered invitations to be listed on his site.

More than 500 mediators accepted, including myself.

Matthews also set up a voluntary program offering the mediation services of some of  The Mediator Registry’s participants at discounted rates under specific circumstances.

In particular, through the website, The Mediator Registry now offers low rates similar to those once provided through the court’s “Party Pay” or “Party Select” Panels, to provide access to mediation for the smallest disputes.

In so doing, The Mediator Registry hopefully provides the continuity upon which Los Angeles litigants and their counsel may rely as the Los Angeles Superior Court continues to implode.

On behalf of this community, “thank you” to Mr. Matthews and his Mediator Registry.


David I. Karp is a full time mediator of real estate and business disputes in Southern California.  More information about him will be found at (and also at ).


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  1. David, I completely agree! I met Anthony quite a while ago through LinkedIn and have met him for lunch and attended programs together. He entered into mediation for all the right reasons. He IS a peacemaker and he completed a very extensive mediation training in order to hone his skills. He is very bright, creative and a really good person. He is a man of great integrity and he is doing his part in making our community and this world a better place. I could not be more proud of him.

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