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Beginnings and Endings and Hope for the Future

April 14, 2013

Yesterday was a day of contrasts:

The day began with a volunteer stint at UCLA, greeting admitted high school seniors, with their families in tow, exploring whether to commit to attend the university.

The day ended with the intimate gathering of our large family grieving over the very recent death of a much loved senior among us.

Notwithstanding the happiness of one and the extraordinary sadness of the other, I saw hope for the future in both contexts.

On campus, I saw the bright open wonder of college bound young adults stretching their imaginations to see their academic, social and career paths, and the pride of parents carried along in the experience.

At our family gathering, out of the darkness and sadness of grieving, I saw the energy and light of the youngest children present, full of innocent life, providing distraction and clamoring for attention and morsels of food amidst the hugs and the quiet tones of the moment.

Maybe it is trite to say that life is a path, but it is.

At each end there is a beginning; and at the beginnings are where hope for the future resides.

I see hope in the hearts and faces and lives of the youngest.  From them hope radiates and ultimately surrounds all of us.


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