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The Whimpering “Easy Button”

October 10, 2012

From Staples I bought one of those “Easy Buttons” some time ago.  It was a gimmick but it amused me.

I thought I might bring it to a mediation session, for the time when the break-through occurred and resolution followed.

But I didn’t have the chutzpah.

So it has sat on a cabinet near my desk for a few years.

From time to time, I would pass by it, press it, and smirk as it gave off its signature, “that was easy” response.

But it went into disuse after awhile.

Recently, for reasons I cannot remember, I pressed the easy button.  It gave no response.

Hmm, I thought, maybe the batteries expired.

Later on my wife called to me: “It’s making a noise, David.”

So I came back and listened more closely.

Indeed, there was a small high pitched sound coming from it.

It sounded sad, as if it were whimpering.

Finally, I removed the batteries and the sound stopped.

I haven’t replaced the batteries, and I might not.

I think the whimpering sound was saying something to me.

It was as if the Easy Button were sympathizing and acknowledging that “it’s not so easy, really.”

Life isn’t easy.   Neither is the practice of mediation.  People in distress don’t have an easy time of it, and getting to peace is down right hard sometimes.

Ultimately, the whimpering sound was a good reminder.

It said to me:  “Continue  always to have empathy, patience, kindness, and understanding for those in conflict, and for ourselves.”

Because “it’s not so easy” meeting the challenges people must face.

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