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Passover Haiku

April 1, 2012

[Written by me a few years ago, and annually reprised because I like it.]

Passover Haiku

A family feast.
Our friends come to dinner too.
It is tradition.

Three relatives cook.
They are making Matzah balls.
Why don’t they order in?

I smell the brisket.
It cooks in its own juice.
My tie will be stained.

Matzah for eight days.
The family considers
Flavored laxatives.

I think of family.
They will be coming tonight.
Who will complain first?

My mother made such
Good thick chopped chicken liver.
Another health risk.

Passover seder.
The food and the family.
It is a lot of work.

The family gathers.
We will read the Haggadah.
When do we have soup?

The story is told.
China, silver and crystal.
The children fidget.

The youngest child will
Read four questions aloud.
Nervous giggling.

I love charoset.
I love the bitter herbs too.
Together is good.

Four cups of red wine.
It used to be grape juice, yuk.
This is the best part.

Hidden treasure.
Look for the afikomen.
Then we get gold coins.

The meal is over.
Everyone is sated now.
Let’s do this again.

Tomorrow more food.
Second seder just the same.
Leftovers in sight.

The desserts are great.
But too many eggs in them.
Oh, my cholesterol.

Eight days of Pesach.
We eat unleavened baked goods
And wait for Pizza.

This year in Van Nuys.
Next year in Jerusalem.
Let’s book our flight now.

From all of us,
To all of you who read this,
A good Passover.

-David I. Karp and Family.


From → Bubbe Meises, Poetry

One Comment
  1. I enjoyed reading your Passover Haiku very much. The first smile (and there were many), was at:”My tie will be stained.”

    You inspired me to write one.

    Passover Haiku (serious version):

    First Seder last year.
    My spirit burning within.
    Praising Adonai.

    Passover Haiku (not so serious version): 🙂

    First Seder last year.
    No one warned of horse radish.
    I can’t catch my breath.

    Shalom to you and your family!! Beth

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