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O, my horse, Dide.

January 31, 2012

I now have a horse that makes me laugh.  He’s not a real horse.  He’s animated.  I named him today.  I call him Dide.  He keeps me company at my computer.

He crops the grass on my animated screensaver.  He keeps me serene.

It’s a serene scene of a pasture and farm house.  In the animation, birds fly.  Airplanes leave vapor trails as they move across the sky.

On my computer screen, the sun moves through the day.  Clouds move as well.  When the sun sets (really), so does the animated sun.  The stars come out.  The moon moves through its phases.

It’s a very clever screensaver.

If it’s raining outside (really), the rain pours on my computer screen too.

The animation reports and responds to the weather as observed in Burbank by the National Weather Service.

That’s why I got this screensaver in the first place.

But I love this screensaver for the animation.  Occasionally hot air balloons float across the scene.

I am mesmerized and happy when I look at my computer.  And I am amused by the horse.

The horse arrived not too long ago.  It was never there before.  I guess it’s a recent addition by the computer animator.  How it got there, I’ll never know.

But it wanders the pasture all day every day and all night every night, cropping the grass.

My horse’s new name makes me laugh.

I think of my children.  I have always teased them about country music.  I’ve always amused them about my view of country lyrics.

In country music, I always told them, the lyrics are always about a horse that’s given up the ghost.

That’s why my horse is named Dide.

O my horse, Dide.

He crosses my computer, cropping the grass.

O, my horse, Dide.

What a lot of crop this story is.

But it was fun writing it, and naming my horse too.


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