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Mediation conferences inspire me. And so did Andy Rooney.

November 6, 2011

I like to go to mediation conferences.  I went to one yesterday. It was hosted by SCMA. That’s the Southern California Mediation Association.

I go to SCMA’s conferences every year.  I am a member of SCMA and support its work. I go for many reasons.

For one, it’s important to continue to learn about mediation. The courses there are great.

For another, I get continuing education units for attending.  But I don’t really need them. I get so many every year.

For certain, I go for the inspiration.  Every time, I am fulfilled.  I am re-energized and ready to take on the world.

I shmooze with other mediators I know and those I get to know.  Some are more experienced than I am.  Some are new to the field.  I do not see them as my competitors.  They are my colleagues and my friends.

All of them have the same vision as I do for a better world.

It’s refreshing to hear and share their optimism, hope, and passion for the process of peacemaking.  I wish more people would go for that experience.

I also wish more mediators would go than attended this year.  Maybe it was the timing of the conference.  Maybe it’s a reflection of our trying economic times.  If the latter, I hope things will improve soon although I fear that they won’t.

Regardless, I go for the inspiration, for the new ideas, for the opportunity to look within myself for that tranquility I seek for others, and for the courage to take risks to help them get there.

I love what I do.  And I love to write about it.  And I miss Andy Rooney, may he rest in peace, to whom this essay is dedicated.  He inspired me to write this way today.  He liked short sentences.

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