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Mentoring is fulfilling.

October 19, 2011

I like young people and I like to share what I know.  So I am a perpetual volunteer mentor.  It is my contribution; I believe it helps me make the world a slightly better place. I feel good about doing this.

Currently, I share with young people what I know about mediation.  I do this in several contexts:  I speak to undergraduates about my career and participate in the Mentor Program of the UCLA Alumni Scholar’s Club; I allow law students and new mediators to observe my work at the mediation table (with everyone’s prior approval of course); I write about mediation and share what I have written.

Not only do I believe this makes me a better person, but I think I perform better in my role as mediator as a result.  So mentoring helps me beyond the altruism of it.

I have always relished helping young people.  For instance, I led the San Fernando Valley Bar Association’s first teen youth group for high school students interested in a law career.  Before that, I mentored young people in the program of the Boy Scouts, as a counselor for the Law Merit Badge, and in other roles.  I am proud that I have done this, and have even devoted a page of my website to it.

I cannot overstate the good that comes from helping other people.  Rotarians (I am not one) call it “service above self.”  In the Jewish tradition (I am Jewish) it is a part of “tikkun olam” (repairing the world).  For me, it is simply a part of my everyday life.  It is also why I mediate.  I like to help other people.

If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend becoming a mentor.  It is rewarding, satisfying and fulfilling beyond words.

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