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The Sweetness of the New Year

September 11, 2011

There is a certain tempting sweetness of the New Year
That causes reflection and deeper thought.
More than the apples and honey
Long associated with the holiday,
There is the delicious feeling that
The season is beginning to change.
The light of day is different.
The leaves wait to change hue.
The breeze is softer
As are tender feelings for
Family and friends
As they gather for the festive meal.
Special memories of those gone
From our daily lives also emerge
From a glance at an heirloom serving piece on the table
Or a carefully placed silver wine coaster engraved
With the names of loved ones
Commemorating a wedding anniversary of long ago.
We think of all of those who light the candles now
And lit them in the past.
We cherish the sweet wine
And give blessings to our children as well
Whose sparkling eyes look up to us
With the wonder of it all.
And we smile at their wonder,
Or the remembrance of their wonder,
And hope that they too find joy always
In the sweetness of the New Year.


From → Bubbe Meises, Poetry

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