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No Transcendence in the Debt Ceiling Debate

July 29, 2011

I watch the news. I shake my head.  I see the deadlock (some say impasse) in the debt ceiling debate.  I do not see transcendence.

Like any parties locked into their conflict, the Democrats and Republicans negotiate from their own interests.  If they cannot see beyond themselves, however, for the greater good, they cannot succeed.

The goals and interests of our Senators and Representatives may not be in line with helping the economy or the citizens.  It appears that their goals, at all costs, are to defeat the other side, show themselves as the winners and preserve their seats in Congress.

There is no compromise in an all out war.  That is what I perceive is the problem.

In mediation, there must be some recognition of how the solution will help both sides.  That is missing from the competition in Congress.  It appears that no one wants to help the other side.   Their diatribe shows this.

If our Congressional disputants can open themselves to seeing the self harm in their bitter battle to win and find their heart to help themselves, each other, and all of us, they may transcend the fray.

They may break through and find that elusive peace, tranquility, or renewal that will leave them, and us, satisfied at the end of the day.

But they must first get beyond the battle.  The question is whether they can do that.

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