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Remembrance for Fathers Day

June 17, 2011

Fathers Day will be this Sunday.  As I think of my father, Alev Hashalom, I share some of my thoughts below, written for last year’s Unveiling (monument dedication):

Almost a year ago Dad died.
Where is he now?
He rests under a marker we dedicate here.
But is that him?

Maybe he has returned to G-d and he rests there.
We think we saw the spark of his soul go up
Through the window that Friday night at sunset,
The sky brilliant with color
To welcome him and Shabbat,
Almost a year ago.

Where is he really?
He is in our heart,
In our memories,
And in our love
For him and each other.


Here’s wishing you the treasures of spending time with, or thinking about, your dad, and if you are a father yourself, here’s wishing you a Happy Fathers Day with family and/or friends, and the good thoughts that come with each.  (Next week, we’ll be discussing mediation again in some upcoming Posts.)  Gotta get ready for today’s mediation.  Have a good weekend.  David.


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One Comment
  1. Jeremy Ball permalink

    Beautifully written, David

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